Minecraft Club - proposed change of day


Recently we have had to cancel a couple of Minecraft sessions due to a lack of people available to run them. They have not been very well attended of late, and it has been brought to my attention that they clash with Ability Zone events at Mahdlo. Considering that Minecraft is a particularly attractive session for children with additional needs, I am pondering whether we wouldn’t be better moving it.

My suggestions would either be to 5pm on Mondays, or 5pm on Thursdays, where it would run straight in to Webbie Zone at 6. Thoughts, suggestions and offers of assistance welcome.



It would seem that Thursdays would fit best as there is an obvious link with Webbie Zone - each group could cross-pollinate with the other.


I’d say Thursday too for the same reasons as Andy. And also that I would imagine that several of the minecrafters might stay on for Webbie Zone. That said, I’m not offering to help so whatever works best is fine with me.


Roblox and also fortnight are the current crazed


I think fortnite is completley unsuitable to have in Hack Oldham it is a game which is not suitable for some of the age we target and I feel we would not be meeting our moral obligation to ensure whilst using our network children are safe. Equally roblox is an issue as we have no control over what the children are playing on, the advantage of minecraft is that we have complete and total control over our servers.


ok, I think we change minecraft to a thursday at 5pm as of the first week back after half term


I wasn’t suggesting we did start to do either of them - Just pointing out they are the current crazes which ay be partially why Minecraft has dropped off a bit.


Fair enough, I will investigate roblox and see where we stand e-safety wise :slight_smile:


I’m not into gaming, and don’t really understand Minecraft or Roblox. However, from a safeguarding point of you, I think we should adopt as a principle that we don’t host games where children will be interacting with people outside the building. If their parents chose to let them, that’s up to them, but we need to provide as safe an environment as possible.