Money raising workshops


Ive started putting together a page of workshops we can offer to raise funds for the space. It would be great to get a bit of a program ready for the opening.

Does anyone have anything they would like to add?


I could offer

Make a Hanging Edible tower garden. June ?

Seed Bombs and Seed Paper. (needs a better title) Autumn?



like I said those 3D printed nautilus gears are addicting to everyone. you probably know how much they cost to make only issue would be time to make. people love curiosities, maybe find more interesting stress relief models


Sounds good @Nikki_Davies

Just need to flesh out the details now, Ive added a page to the site (although its not on the menu yet) so we can announce a program on these on the opening day


It really is a shame that my attempt seemed to have been ignored google spreadsheet :pensive: