Nearest free parking


I search the forum but nothing showed up for this question.
Are there are reliable free parking spots nearby for 2 or 3 hours?


Hi gooooooders,
Nearest parking is the Bradshaw St car park which has 3 hours free parking at weekends. There is also limited parking on Retiro St


Don’t forget Sainsburys, bit further away but 3 hours free parking at any time.


Sainsburys is 3hr any day, but they are ruthless with overparkers. If you come to the space after 6pm, mostly all the street parking is free (no restrictions). It is also free parking on sunday all day for on street parking.

If you don’t mind walking, there is a residential area to the north that you can park in and walk down.


Thanks chaps.
I’ll attempt Sainsburies next time. :slight_smile: