Newbie family, Matt, Leeanne and Daniel


Hi everyone,

My son Daniel is 8 and he is home educated, he has high functioning ASD and he just really didn’t get on at school.

He really loves technology, computers, gaming etc. We found out about Hack Oldham from another home edder.

I am really crafty and love doing all sorts of things, I used to be into gaming when I was younger (I am only 31, ha!). I played things like CS, FF and WOW back in the day.

I love encouraging Daniels geeky side especially as it is where he thrives, he is a huge fan of things like Doctor Who, Star Wars, Halo, Minecraft, KFC!

If there are any ways that we can get involved with things please let us know the best place to look etc! :smile:

My partner Matt is a cisco engineer and he loves all kinds of electrical things and networking!


Hello and welcome!

Depending on what you want, decides on how much you get involved, so to speak. We are all very easy going people who pretty much share you love of electronics Sci-Fi, Gaming, making things etc (@p0welly has alot of Doctor Who stuff in the space for e.g.)

A nice place to start might be Monday Night Hacks, or Makers days, or even a co-working day. As people often just come for a chat and to get to know us and the space those days. I personally have been fumbling my way through making my super cheap home automation system, which I was doing on Monday.

Minecraft club and hack the library might be best days for your son. I see many kids those days. Although I personally dont have kids, many members do, and bring them. As I’ve said, no commitment, no hassle, just come when you can, find us on FB or at to view our events.

So, i hope to see you and your family one day soon :smiley:



Hi Leanne,

Most of us at the space are somewhere on the spectrum :smile:

Im sure that Daniel (and you both) will fit right in.

We have Minecraft club on a Wednesday, thats probably your first point of call for Daniel, as for you its probably Retro Gaming on the second Wednesday.

Apart from that, stop by and say hello, we can always introduce Daniel to Dalek Bob


Daniel wanted me to let you know that your dalek has the best name ever but I am sure he will discuss his enthusiasm about that with you when he meets you sometime! :joy:

He’s excited about minecraft club! Why do I feel a laptop being added to his Christmas list? lol He has minecraft installed but he doesn’t have the disk but it’s a legitimate copy. :blush:


Hi Matt,

I work from home and so does Matt some days so coworker days could be doable for us definitely! :blush:

Your home automation sounds good, Matt has been talking about having one that you can operate via your telephone so he would probably enjoy talking to you about how you’re doing with it!

I feel weird talking to Matt about Matt but there are so many Matt’s in the world I am sure it’s not the first time for you.


Haya Leeanne,

If you two work from home co-working could be perfect for ya. We have plenty of desks and sockets and wifi for all. People do basically do their own thing then, but also have like minded fellows around. Some people even donate enough to have their main desk in the space 247… food for thought eh?

I’d be happy to talk about my project A.L.I.C.E. With Matt although it’s far from finished, I don’t think I could of made it much cheaper. I also a
Have another project on the go, making a tnt plunger that can blow stuff up in minecraft using a raspberry pi. That’s almost done actually, just need a few parts and a map to blow up :laughing:

Do you have any projects? Would you like to start any you’ve been toying with the idea of? We have plenty of people with a nice range of skills that will all offer advice when they can.

There’s no need to feel weird trust me, ive had it a long time, my best friend is called matt Taylor (aka taylor) and another friend called Matt Taylor aka bald matt lol we get by just fine lol Same with 3 johns lol climbing john, China john and diving john. Lmfao

I look forward to meeting you both soon.

Cheers matt


Sounds great! :slight_smile:

I am not really into minecraft until I see Daniel trying to build something and want to show him the way I would have done it but I reckon he will be into your tnt plunger as he loves blowing things up!

I would like to help Daniel make a costume for Star Wars UK that we are going to in December but I don’t know what he wants to go as yet! I have a sewing machine at home and have done some little bits on it before!

I have a couple of websites I need and would like to create too so if there is a wordpress group and anyone that knows divi/woocommerce, count me in! :smiley:

Other than that I don’t know yet! I will have a think about it!



Well it might be a couple of weeks b4 the TNT plunger is finished finished, we can happily give him a demo in the space or I’m fairly confident, its for the HacktheLibrary event(s). Also if he has maps compatible with minecraft-pi we could even blow up 1 of his creations :wink:

There is the crafty hacks thing OR the cosplay group which do that sort of thing. I can sew but its not really my thing so i cannot comment further lol

The wordpress group, yep @p0welly will happily give you any help there I’m sure. I’m sure you and he will have plenty to talk about :smiley:

well anyway, talk soon, I need a shower. :stuck_out_tongue:



I would say yeah blow up one of his creations but he has only just started back on minecraft online and I think he will spend more time on servers playing daft games and annoying me to install every mod in sight more than he will actually building something! He came to the minecraft group last night and he absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go again! He rarely gets enthusiastic about things so it was nice!

I had conversations this morning about a costume with him and he was like “yeah make me an ewok, just stick loads of fur to me”.

Ahhh @p0welly when do you guys do wordpress geekery? :smiley: