November 2017


Quick and easy things that always need doing

  • wash/Put the pots away
  • Restock the tuck shop
  • Tidy a room
  • Sweep the corridors

Ground Floor

  • Hard tops for event tables


  • Sort computers and dispose of dead stuff - Volunteer was doing
  • Install rails
  • Rails on switch. Not happy it is left sagging
  • move vertical rails forward and rear ones back(?)
  • Move cabinet back into the corner and hope we don’t need to move it again
  • [wishlist] Get (UPS) power supply battery bank for switch+key servers.
  • Neat and consistent wiring (plus colour scheme suggested)
  • Set up LDAP+FreeIPA on large cloud server - AL
  • configure network in general - AL
    • Set up the VLANs properly - AL
    • Tighten security - close switch ports - AL (To do a proper audit)
  • Nominate 2nd sysadmin/someone for sharing important/password information


  • Rewire electronics benches
  • Kit out electrical benches = TG
  • Sort out the shelving
    • Attach kickplate/skirting to bottom to prevent accidental kicks/skewing of the bench.
  • Build bandsaw mobile station
    • remember to put lock wheels on, else it might move when using :wink:
  • Build x2 work benches (stand alone units). (one was built, but a sturdy one needs building)
    • Attach vice from old work bench
  • cut the remaining wall sections and attach (1 of 4 remain)
  • Mitre saw station, with high blocks for support for cutting - AL
  • Curtain/plastic wrap to help prevent excessive dust floating into the electronics area


  • Add tables support to discourse


  • Make donation boxes for groups
  • Make liner for main donation box

About the Somebody should category

hmm I’m sure I updated the lists you copied from (with still that I’ve completed)


Filtered out the complete stuff. Have I missed something?


@LeemingA Re:Build bandsaw mobile station

@dwarfsbane suggested something like this


hmm not very mobile though. I was thinking more of a cart with lockable casters.


Hey, what with computer sorting? Is somebody on it?


Pretty sure a volunteer was doing it @MikeyboyZero?

Always looking for others though


My partner is willing to help. So, if still needed, we can come by at a weekend.


The more people the better I really want to inventory it all at the moment so will try and have a look at how to print some labels for them tomorrow