Oldham Learning Festival - Hack Involvement



Connor at Live Oldham has been in touch, and wants to include the following events in the Oldham Learning Festival.

26th June - Role Play - @binkythebomb
27th June - Minecraft Group - @keiran131000
27th June - Table Top Gaming - @Nathan_Hickling
28th June - Code Up - @MikeyboyZero
30th June - Digital Drop In - @MikeyboyZero
3rd July - Photoholics - @Fairytography/@Robert_Cragg1
5th July - Print & Design Workshop @Sam_PWD

If you want to be involved can you answer the following questions:

The maximum capacity for each event?

How people book onto the events?

He needs the answers by Friday if you want to be included


Minecraft we have 6 laptops but can have up to 32 on server so other than space that is our limit


Looking at the details on their website, I’m not sure what it is I’d be doing for roleplay.

Am I suppose to run a session whilst people ask questions? Because that wont work.


Just answer everything in character! :wink:


So… like normal then


Horsefeathers, the pair of you.

In seriousness, I need to know just what they are asking for.


Hi Guys

Connor here from Live Oldham RE the learning festival.

We don’t need anything special, or you to do anything extra.
Just to run your event as normal, however we’ll promote it as being an event that is on during the learning festival that people can get involved with.

Please just drop me a quick email with your name, contact number and what your event is.
I’ll take care of the rest and make sure we promote your event as much as possible.

Email: connor@liveandnow.com

Let me know if you have any further questions.



from @ConnorHall can everyone who is doing the festival fill in this form:


We’ve already filled one in.


I’ll have to get the okay from the group members first. Although we have multiple groups on at the moment its probably for the best if we just focus on one group.