Opening date, tools


Hi, any idea when the woodworking section will open?
Do you have a good selection of hand tools?
Do you have a list of tools that you need?
I may be able to donate the odd tool, a framesaw, wooden mallet, a brace, just odd stuff that I have more than one of.


It’s imminent, just a few things to sort.

  • We need to fix down the wood lathe
  • Have a Health & Safety Sign off which is happening Friday the 15th of September
  • Get members trained to induct people on machines (a weekend soon but the date is to be confirmed)

Once that’s sorted we’re good to go.

As for tools, @berk and @LeemingA have been discussing this here Workshop Hand Tools


Thanks, I get the emails, looking forward to the woodworking section opening.
I did see the list it is all metalworking tools, even the saw is a hardpoint saw, designed for modern man made materials.
I presumed that since you have a Myford ML7 you had a metalworking section planned.
I have my own tools, I will probably bring my own, maybe donate some tools that I have when it opens.


just to point out that I am the only one doing anything with the workshop. To speed things up, it be great to have a helping hand. I was starting to think no body else was interested. Anyone can help, we are a community afterall! :wink:


If only there was some kind of list available to all of them members of all of the things that need doing.


I can come help you in the workshop the next time you are there LeemingA, if I am available.
I do dont drive, eyesight not good enough so I cannot help with removing rubbish to the tip, cannot help with the computer stuff as well.
If you organise a workshop day to sort everything out I will see if I can come.