Org Chart software


Can anyone recommend a piece of software to produce organisational charts.

Needs to have multiple layers and the ability to group on the same layer, xmind which I would normally use can’t to it, and while I realise I could draw it in inkscape i wondered if there was a better option?


have you tried mind maple?


Thats really cool, almost got what I want to do done, just trying to figure out the boundary tool, cant seem to group items with it.


ill just have a look is it otherwise ok?


Perfect, The screenshot on the site shows exactly what I want to do, it just doesn’t seem to do it when i select multiple items then add a boundary, it puts a boundary round each item.


try creating one then dragging it in


Thats got it, cheers!


no probs, have you seen my post on hamfest?


Yeah nice one, just replied