Pledges for equipment and hardware


As discussed at the meeting the other day I’ve started a page in the wiki for pledges.

The idea of a pledge is that members who want to buy an item between them pledge to make a donation to the space if enough people pledge in order to buy the item they want.

The item is then bought and owned by the space but available to the use of members, hope that makes sense. Take a look at the page and see if the wording makes sense.


Maybe I’m missing something but:I can’t register. Only login option. Discourse login rejected.


Super secret logins only. Andy can make you a separate account.


User account added @berk, check your hotmail for details


Well the pledges page is working already. I was planning on buying a bench PSU today, happily I checked on here first :smile: I’ve pledged the difference :+1:



You two happy to sort out out yourselves?


Oh Matron! Mike, I’ll order it and we can settle up next time?..BTW this is a really nice PSU. Got one myself.


That’s all good @berk. I’ll give you the cash next time I see you.


I’ve added my pledges for woodstuff, as well as adding the long overdue lock picking stuff

edit : Hopefully we are recording pledge based donations? Mainly for when pledge is successful, it would be nice to have a record kept (and hackpoints?)