Posters for marketing


As some of you know our designer Ben has been working on some poster designs for us to promote the various groups. At the bottom of each poster will be the group url that will be displayed that links to a page on our site, with full details etc.

We have mixed feelings about if we should put more on the posters or just keep them really minimal.

Have a look at this link to see what we want to have for each group [][1]

On the page will be the details of the group, links to the upcoming events and a form to contact the organiser, ie for minecraft the emails will go to me, for Wargaming they will go to @binkythebomb

As always, feedback welcome


Humm, I think keeping it minimalistic is good but needs at least a day/location information.
As for the links, be nice if they were short and easy to remember, e.g . QR codes may help, but don’t have it exclusively.

Posters look good though. Shame I’ve not been a bit more involved as of late. Would be nice to start up the woodwork/linux groups I keep badgering on about


I like, minimalistic looks great and easy to understand.

Like @LeemingA say the QR codes can help for the people see the full details :wink:

Linux group looks good for the way the market go is good for all of us, about the woodwork i like too, for some home DIY is great.