Return of the Cosplay & Prop making group?


This Saturday I’m going to be at the space helping to make batons for a friends Nightwing cosplay and it’s got me considering about when / if to start up the cosplay/prop making event again.

It would be the third Saturday of the month.

I should start it up just as a set thing so I focus on progressing my own projects but if there any people interested in co-running it with me? Figure out about getting people to it rather than my own half-arsed efforts?

@Jake @berk @andy1965


I’d love to attend, and to help with promo, however there are a number of issues. As it turns out though, I’m free this Saturday so will come along and discuss them with you. Between what times are you going to be there?


Not sure the exact time since we haven’t made a proper plan yet, I think it would be safe to assume I would be in the space by 2pm plus I’m around 9-5 weekdays.


Okies. I’ll aim for shortly after 2pm.


yeah i’m up for cosplay :slight_smile:


@p0welly can you add the Cosplay & Prop Making event to the event calendar and let me know what is expected for organisers now etc.

Sat, 15 July, 12:00 – 18:00 ( recurring 3 Saturday of the month )

I will hopefully playing about with Casting my face and doing Two-Face make-up on myself in prep for a cosplay related party I’m going to in the evening plus maybe finish off the electrics for Claire’s Night wing Batons


Its in the diary and page is set up, just needs some content and a decent photo that isn’t Pipa… or Pipas consent I suppose.