Screens with slideshows on


It was suggested at the library yesterday to use some of the monitors and mini pc’s (cant remember the name) we have to show off projects both at the shop and the new space.

i have done some research and the simplest way I could find to do it was install ubuntu and run a command to open a vlc video with the pictures on in full screen and loop at startup (and autologin)

If anyone has pictures of projects we could use or suggestions please post below.



I’ve got tonnes of pictures, Ill add them to the google drive


Just an update as we prepare to move to 2.0!

The screens can be removed from 1.5 on monday and 2 of the pc’s have videos that will run on them

Are we going to consider moving to a raspberry pi setup as discussed? I can do some more research.

No matter what we use beetle/pi it would be nice to find a good way to update the videos remotely basically just copying the video name 1.mp4 for example and moving it to a folder which the VLC process points to to load at startup? Is this possible as I think that would be the most simple way (maybe even a google drive folder if/when we have internet at the new space)

Now it is going to be in a more permanent place are we going to consider constructing a frame to mount the 9 monitors on use VESA mounts (as discussed several months ago) looks at woodwork peoples




Long term yet, for monday no. for Monday we just want the monitors stood on the counter so there is something interesting for people to see when the come in.


Exactly what I was thinking - just thought I would get some ideas down so people know the ball is rolling

I will be in monday and can move them and set them up


Any ideas for what to put on them or are the original videos ok?


the original stuff is fine


No probs ill sort that monday


Just an update;

i have tried to install teamviewer on the beetle to enable remote access - only problem being that teamviewer for linux has no “start minimized option” If there is a command anyone know to start a window minimized in ubuntu please let me know


Once set up the Pc’s should not need to be remote accessed - I am thinking of getting them set up and then dealing with remote access later.

Another option would be use VNC and assign them to a static IP on the network people who configure networks is this possible

if it is then that is what I will use


Could we use a piece of wood cut to slightly bigger size than the gap on the girder? Knock it in so it is help with friction and then screw directly into that - this gives us two monitors we can then build a frame out of reasonably thick timber to hold the monitor

Something like the above would work just ignore the labels


@p0welly ^ the monitor vesa mounts

I am thinking 2 pi zero’s split across 8 monitors atm to save cost. Please offer suggestions


I will sort one of the pi’s