Selling Designjet 800 A0/A1


Both designjet 800 printers are reporting the same error - they both have a dead drive in the formatter board. The HDD variant of these drives are £20 I am suggesting we buy

1 SSD variant for the printer we keep £40
1 HDD variant for the one we sell £20

If we can sell this one working (bar maybe having to clean the service area on delivery) then we can fetch in the region of 300 to 400 for them. This would be enough to buy the dye sublimation kit.


I agree. We must be sure a new drive will fix it though.


It is error 5:10 - from digging on the internet this is a common error when they reach the end of working life. You can never guarantee but I am 99% sure


What drive does it ise


It’s a bog standard sata 2.5" drive but requires a specific firmware - it is much easier to pay someone £20 to do it and save our time and know it works


OK. Understood