Spare Raspberry Pi + stuff


Ok, so I’ve noted this down in a few places already, but in an attempt to get the ball moving a little bit (abet a mm or so), I am wondering if there is a spare raspberry pi hiding around the place? Hopefully with all(most) the stuff that goes with it, e.g. keyboard/monitor/mouse/sd.
If there is one of this free, then that would be great! I could set it up in the corner somewhere and try to get some of the practical stuff started (screenshots here and there, double checking that stuff actually works)


Yep, ive got a couple so can sort you out with one


I have a laptop with lubuntu on that could be used for it if u like.


@p0welly Cool thanks, if it can be left accessible in the space that would be great

@mattyyey Thanks, but ideally I would like to make sure everything runs smoothly on a specific set of hardware first (that is one issue with linux, drivers and hardware compatibility!). Using RPi also doubles up showing people how to set up a RPi