The (Not So) Grand opening


We need to start thinking about the (Not So) grand opening on the 13th of June, ideally we want some stuff to display and also people doing things.

We have our regulars to set up that people can try out such as:

  • Oculus rift Rift
  • 3d Print
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Leap Motion
  • Arduino
  • Mine Craft Server

@Jake, @bingojackson can you guys man some of this, I suspect I will have to spend most of the day showing people round.

But it would be nice to get some more traditional crafts going on the day too, * Looks at Kate, Kate, Diane, & @Nikki_Davies * It would also be great if we could display some of you guys art work too.

@binkythebomb could we get you and your airbrush set up working on some minitures etc

Stuart, do you think there will be enough going on to film an advert/mini documentary?

Lisa, will you be available for photos?


Hi could offer any of the following on the day. Might be good if I did this outside ? Down Stairs ? Could offer grow your own veg seedlings/ seed sowing and junk containers to takeaway. Could offer to do some cooking refreshments ? Maybe from food waste and local food ? Could possibly do some seed bombs. Being downstairs / outside ish might be useful ? Let me know whats useful to the day


Would also be great to see what the local guerrilla gardener reckons and see if he wants to be involved. Whats his name ?


ive got no problems with that, this will be quite the thing once it’s got going


I’ll bring some finished mosaics to display and show what can be made. I’ll bring the unfinished Hack Oldham one and we can ask people to add a couple of tiles to it so it’s a collaborative piece. I’ll bring some embroidery too, a standard sewing machine and my own so I can show how to do freehand machine embroidery. I don’t keep a lot of samples but I can make a display of my work. I’ll prepare some little samples so people can have a go on the machine.
I’ll bring a display about Common Libraries too.