The WordPress User Group is on Meetup


As of 5 minutes ago the Oldham WordPress Meetup is on at this address so please all go and join. This Meetup group is an officially recognised one by the WordPress foundation so we’re not liable for any of the costs involved in running the meetup.

There is some swag on the way soon which will be addressed to me but feel free to open it if you like stickers :smile:

@p0welly, @AndyHughes86 and @bingojackson will be organisers.


@p0welly Do you want to wait until a few people have signed up for the meetup group to announce it or do you want to do it today?


Ive said Im going, think we should get a few more people on then anounce it.


It announces itself to people within 25 miles who might be interested on Friday anyway. In the New Groups in your area email that Meetup sends out.


I’ve just upgraded @AndyHughes86 to Co-Organiser so we’re all set. I set it up to repeat the event every 2nd Tuesday, so we’re all good for that. We can edit the individual ones if anything special is happening that month. The only thing we can’t do is edit or remove the pages that have been edited by WordPress, those are the global rules for all the groups that we have to live by. But we’re encouraged to add as many other pages as we need and upload pics etc. In six months of succesfull Meetups they’ll probably start talking about doing an Oldham WordCamp too.