Things you didn't know you wanted. Part 1


Having my regular trawl around Kickstarter I’ve found a few things that people might want to have knocking about the new space. I’m not suggesting anyone buys them, but it might be worth keeping in mind that these things exist in the world.

Trinus all metal 3d printer

All metal chassis, greater stability etc.

Clever little hub for the PiZero fans.

Obviously about 10 of these. I can see @MikeyboyZerowanting one.

Pretty good PC with built in Arduino

Lastly a vacuum former for the desktop. Looks handy but I don’t know how it compares pricewise to ones that you can already buy.
Formbox vacuum former

PArt 2 will arrive with the next batch of Hackspace relevant finds.


At one point there were pictures on this post but the links didn’t work, now it’s the opposite.


I’d need to get a bloody Pi Zero first! The speed they fly off the shelves make muons look slow. If only some swine hadn’t bought up all the copies of MagPi in Oldham when it included a Zero …


There should be more now. They used the line to make pi3’s apparently but they’re back making zeros again. You should be able to buy more than one at a time too.