Vac Former


Hi all, me and @Fairytography were talking about costing a vac former.

Firstly is that something the membership would be interested in

Secondly, does anyone have an idea of cost to buy one

We have discussed building one before but I suggest for ease, health and safety and generally a lack of time we purchase an off the shelf one


I’d put it to a vote of members, but I don’t really see the long term need for one.

As for price, a small one (less than A5 size) you can get for around £100 (source: EBAY).
Bigger cost more (obviously) but I know a mini industrial will cost around £1000 and is the size of a large washing machine.


As for a long term need for one, I have had at least two members who have joined to make large 3d objects, this would be easier with a vac former.

I think it may be more feasible to consider building one to see if people use it. I will research how to do it especially since it has been a long term project aim of mine


If we get one I’d prefer to see a larger unit.


Equally I would prefer a larger one, we do have to consider cost a large former is in excess of £1000


We’d need to find room for it to live though.


If there is significant interest we would find room for it, there is a lot of wasted space downstairs. I do think, it may be somethign we could investigate grant funding for if there was enough interest. For example (hypothetically speaking here) there are 3 electronics benches which never get used, there is nothing to stop us from removing one to make space for a more useful piece of kit.


In principle, if we were going to purchase a vac former I would suggest we remove a workbench from electronics and put it with the other fab lab stuff. However, at the moment we do not have one and do not know if we will get one. So let’s not get too hung up on space, if we need to we will find some. As for current use of space, there are plans for both the brewery and members lounge. In fact I had a meeting re the members lounge refurbishment just today. I will be sharing the initial thoughts with you shortly. Equally I will get the brewery at least tidied out during hack the space (or before if the mood takes me)

We need to decide if we would consider putting a case forward for a vac former. To do that I would like to see the opinion of other members. Please don’t get hung up on space before we even consider, never mind purchase a piece of kit. We always have, and always will juggle around to find space for things.


I’d be quite happy to lose one of the electronics benches. They just don’t get used enough.


Agreed, I think we need a wider opinion , but not a vote about whether there is a case to look at purchasing one


What do they actually do?