Vacuum former


Hi all, this is just a post really to gauge interest, I am looking at building a vac former would anyone be interesting in building one too?

I have found quite a few guides such as

As far as I can gather we need a way to heat the plastic - maybe one of the mini ovens? That would be the main expense from what I can see. We have a shop vac which should provide the “vacuum” side of it.

Does anyone else have any suggestions - I am going at this blind but it’s been something I have mentioned for a while to create?


“toaster ovens” that Americans use are apparently very useful for electronics. From what I’ve gathered they are just small portable (self contained) grills. I’d expect it to be multi purpose, thus why I mention it.

Unsure what the safety side of things say. Electric seems safer, especially if it might live in the workshop (flames discouraged due to high wood dust)


Sounds good to me 0 open to any suggestions since I have as little idea as everyone else about it :slight_smile: