Vinyl Cutter Blade


We need a new vinyl cutter blade, I have found a supplier

We buy this once at £25 and then just send it back for them to change when it’s blunt for cost of £11

@berk this is what I showed you today


This seems like the most sensible way to keep the vinyl cutter running. I suggest we go with this.


Just had this response

Hi Keiran,

That’s an MSK500V.

You can exchange it for a new one with Edward Mathias for £11 plus £3 P&P + VAT if you send it in.

Or check eBay for Mutoh Smart Knives if you want just want one new one. That would be the cheapest at £24 all in from the Signtools UK shop on there.

OR if you want 5 at a big discount it’s back to Edward Mathias again for 5 for £75 plus P&P and VAT again. Also available on eBay if you look for the any 5 Smart Knives option and send a message to say the type you want.

Edward Mathias’s number is 01928 739 799.

Kind regards,