Volunteer Call: Writer


We need a volunteer to write for us, we need to have regular content in the blog and sort out the newsletter.

I’d like to post a weekly blog update, and send a monthly newsletter, the newsletter can combine the best bits of the blog along with a list of the upcoming months events.

I realise whoever volunteers may not have the knowledge of the content so I propose we use a hashtag, I think of #Twits but I cant decide itself deprecating humor is a good thingor will backfire.

TWITS stands for this week in the space.

The idea being that if each of us tweets when we do something interesting the writer can pull together the best bits and ask the appropriate person any questions they need.

A good example was the other week when we “rescued” @hardgraft_uk that could have been publicity for both of us, but as we are not focusing on that we didnt do anything. If all it had took was a silly tweet for the writer to pick up on it, it would have been nice and easy.

So any volunteers?


Seems like a good idea :slight_smile: be good to do something like that…I’d just be scared of it going tits up so if someone was to proof read it… :slight_smile: