We need to move a thing


Any idea how we can get this from Walsden near Todmorden to Oldham?


A Myford ML7!!! Now you have my attention!!!


motorbike? urm maybe not… is there room for it? :smiley:


Looking at the sizes again, if I did 2 trips, my car would probs do it with the back seats down. Where is it atm?


Its near Todmordon, we have the offer of one big car so might be ok, id just worry about the weight of the thing in a car.

@LeemingA maybe you can cary the instruction manual? :slight_smile: But yes there isnt room for it in the space but we have permission to store it just round the corner


I’d help where poss. My back is dodge so not much good with the lifting - but I have a van, me plus 2 others. I have a peugeot expert.


Hi Andy,

I’ve rang a friend of mine who has a large ford transit, he can get this job done for £30.