What to do with 3d printers etc


There has been a lot of discussion recently about where to locate the A1 printer and the 3d printers possibly upstairs

Please offer suggestions so we can make a decision before i start on my long list of tasks such as too wall etc (which is ready to go up)

I am suggesting the A1 moves upstairs and possibly a couple 3d printers when we get rid of the robox and buy more A8 printers. If we get an A0 going we then have two wide formats and could put one upstairs. I intend to have a desicsion made in the next week prior to my 2 weeks off where I will get stuff done


Me and @MikeyboyZero moved two of the blue racking units up from the cupboard under the stairs last night and put them next to the lockers, these can house some of the repro stuff and make behind the bar a bit more makery.

I’ve ordered some more of the red ropes so we can seal off behind the bar from non members.