Why not just use the facebook group?


So you may be wondering why Ive set this up.

Well firstly I was curious about it and it seemed like a good way to play with digital ocean and mandril.

Secondly and more importantly I really want to get the communication outside of facebooks walled garden, we have regulars who just dont do facebook and this is open to anyone.

What do you think?


Works well enough. Simple user interface and no adverts sucking at my bandwidth.


Yeah seems quite nice, much cleaner than phpbb, just got to get the notifications working.


I agree on the FB walled garden, but two observations: 1) Did I miss the announcement this was being used?, 2) Activation link goes to spam (at least for hotmail), even though I was logging in with twitter (I thought that mitigated the whole signup process?). If I remember correctly, public email like hotmail detect emails as spam if the email headers are not set correctly (or if from-domain != mx record). Something to note for new members


1, Just started experimenting with this and got carried away.

  1. Adds to the list of things to figure out :slight_smile: