Woodwork Room


The woodwork room is quite small, seems to be more of a workshop. There are no workbenches, you do have a lovely vice on a shelf with no bench attached. Having been to the space today, there is nowhere to put a workbench, you cannot use engineering vices to hold wood when planing or using a saw. There is no bench or vice to plane the wood, to cut the mortice and tenons, to lay out work for assembly, I am making a four poster bed for a childs doll, it needs a level flat surface to assemble it, to allow you to check that it is square and to clamp it.
There are no hand woodworking tools at all, no saws (that saw you have is not a hand saw for wood, it is a hardpoint general saw). No planes, marking gauges, squares, mallets, dividers, centre bits, bradpoint bits, bradawls, etc.

You have a virtually every machine tool you need, which is nice.

The most labour intensive activitity is dimensioning wood. The table saw allows you rip the wood then you use the planer thicknesser to square and dimension the wood, this cuts out the majority of sawing and manual planing.
It also cuts out a lot of the hand tools needed. The planer thicknesser does not seem to have a dedicated area.

There are a few basic hand tools needed for woodworking, if you set up a woodworking room I am prepared to donate some of them, and I will also keep my eye out for any bargains I see that I can donate.
On the google sketchup plan there is a room with a tiled floor, what is it used for?
Do you have a room where you can put the table saw and planer thicknesser, that would leave room for a large four sided workbench, with tool storage beneath, getting rid of the tool wall.
I understand that this is a community driven space, and it is has only just opened, I have no intensions of criticising the workspace, and I am sure it will evolve over time. It may be worth contacting the council to see if they have any old school woodworking benches that they can donate, yes I know the council are useless, worth a try.


The tiled room you mention is being used as a craft room. Although the space may look big in practice, when trying to cater for as many different people as possible it becomes very limited and space must be used very efficiently to cater the best we can. As for improvements to the current workshop room, @LeemingA is the man to talk to as he is the workshop manager.


like you said @dwarfsbane we have just opened and have ordered more tools to be delivered. Any other tools are good to be mentioned since some of us are still learning too. That is our woodworking room anyway, our main workshop with the safety buttons. taking stuff out and into a different room would be more budget to put safety things in place somewhere else, we could quite easily clear some space in our tiled crafts room but it would be on us if something was to go wrong, we have many rules to follow in order for it to be a public workshop sort of like a schools way


I was thinking of a switching out system, we could have tools placed and interchangeable. what we have so far is what you get so far. it’s all working off donations
…and yes we will attach the wood vice


I believe there are plans for a workbench, after all if you see a place where it could go speak up and offer - we work on a doocracy model

The plane is just in need of being mounted feel free to suggest a solution, the whole workshop is based on the model of swapping out tools so others can be used

the tool wall is designed so the tools are easy to reach and therefore can be used simply and easily by anyone who needs them, it also makes sense in a communal workshop as it makes it obvious when tools are missing or broken


If you can put a workbench in the craftroom that would be great. If I was setting up a space the machine room and joinery room would be separate, people using the machinery would not be distracted by people doing joinery. The only people in the machine room would be using the machines. This is how colleges used to set up their workrooms.
The hand tools needed for hybrid woodworkers, part machined and part hand tools, are minimal.
I can provide basic joinery tools, chisels, malllet, maybe a tenon saw, a rip saw and crosscut saw, marking gauge, knife (scalpel). I have some spare blades and parts for a frame saw, I will make the frame at the centre. I have spare centre bits (the woodworking type) and can probably donate an old brace which will do until I buy a better one for the space. (car boot).
The only thing I cannot provide which I think is needed is a smoothing plane, stanley or record no4, a block plane, and a router plane. I will bid on a ‘GRANNY’S TOOTH’ router plane, see if I can get a cheap one.
If anyone has one or knows someone has an old plane in their shed I can refurbish it. I wont be donating my planes.
A workbench needs to be of a heavy construction, I still think the best source is the council. Old school woodworking benches are ideal.


Would it be helpful to have some of the different joints as pictures laminated in an a4 folder, although there are books to buy, there are plenty of free resources online to use as material. If you were making a small set of shelves, bookcases, or something similar, you would use a housing (English) or dado (American English) joint. I can start working on the more common joints if you think it would be helpful.


These are all valid suggestions but I am just highlighting some of my concerns with using the current members lounge / craft space as a secondary wood working space.

At the moment it may seem a bit overkill to have a space dedicated to the members coming on plonking their laptop and working on projects but as the space grows it will be needed as the event space gets used things like war gaming can go on down there. Ultimately there are four rooms that can be used to work on downstairs and considering we cater for a vast range of people it would mean half of the space we have would be used solely for woodworking.

Currently at least two people use the lounge extensively to work on cosplay projects with a large table in the centre that can be used for anything to put a wood work bench in would take up a lot of room and mean moving something out. There is also the issue of dust collection and safety in a second room.


Sorry quickly addressing some of the points. I think the key things have already been mentioned.

Well it is a massive improvement on what we had previously. We just work with what we have really.

Well there is one. Plan was to build another one which is a lot more sturdier. Feel free to build one, it is on the “someone should” list

We have a small collection of vices/clamps. Not all are out on display mind. If you have ideas for location to fix down some of the larger engineering vices, suggest away.

We have quite a few of them items actually. Just items are a little scattered at the moment while we sort out the tool wall etc. More specific things, we may be missing as I have been the only person that has been using the workshop (in the previous place), so I’ve been picking up things as I need them (from my own pocket).

No, not yet. Again, there is a plan for this, but time is against me. I was just trying to set up the bare basics first, then work through my very long list of things (others can help too! :slight_smile: )

I’m not very experienced, but from what I understand, this is very common in most workshops. Any reason for disliking it?

I wouldn’t say completely useless… they have done quite a lot for us tbh. Things can be a ‘little’ bureaucratic though.

I agree, this is an important thing. Given people’s interests+activities currently, you can even argue the workshop is too big… I won’t argue that mind! :wink:

Yeah, this is true also. To some degree, our hands are tied due to resources/practical issues. We need to just make the most of what we currently have, making any improvements and optimisations along the way. It will be a slow journey. But I hope it will be worth it (as I realised the other day, I made a 3d model plan of the place over a year ago now, we are only just making this a reality now :blush: ).

I made some practice joints a while back. I’m not sure if they got moved from our old place, or I threw them. I can always make some more example cuts and joinery samples. Be nice if they could eventually end up being recorded on our wiki or somewhere for future use too (i have scribble notes and drawings in my logbook) :slight_smile:

I plan to get little more bits sorted soon. As soon as the workshop is totally made safe/legal, I may redirect my time/resources towards other jobs that need doing around the space mind (infrastructure jobs).

Feel free to drop me any questions/suggestions though


Tool walls are very common, so are broken tools. Dropping an auger bit point down ruins it, planes shatter, chisels get blunt.
A small dedicated tool tote/box with the basic more vulnerable tools located under the bench which can be lifted into the tool well, is much safer.
A bench located against a wall can have storage at the back for saws, so only the handle/tote is above the bench, no sharp teeth on show, you can have a tool wall behind the bench, anything you take off the wall will have a wooden bench surface to fall on if you drop it.
Tools are expensive, I am hoping for a Veritas router plane for xmas, if it is dropped on a concrete floor that is £140 wasted.
Schools had small wooden holders for chisels which were either stored on the bench or in a cupboard in the bench, they learned that kids drop stuff, constantly. Any tool that can be damaged by dropping should never be carried over concrete from a wall to the workbench.
The best system I have seen is a wooden tool box with all the basic tools, chisels, mallet marking gauge etc, all numbered, kept in a locked cupboard. A member will signed out that tool box, when they have finished using the tools they are put back into the locked cupboard, if any tool is missing, they are responsible for replacing it.


The advantages of a tool walol is that it keeps everything organised and people can use tools. Whilst I think tools need to be looked after we are not looking at buying extremely expensive high end tools which could get broken by less experienced members. Also we have started the tool wall so it at the moment is best getting it done so things have a home


Fine, it does not matter to me as I will bring my own. Hopefully I can bring some tools on monday night.
A couple are moving house and have lots of old tools, I am seeing them on monday, if they have any planes at a decent price I may buy a couple for the shop. I have a good quality set of old Marples Blue Chip chisels which I can donate, with the other tools I can donate I think there will be enough for joinery purposes.


Excellent, thanks very much


Donated some tools on monday. There are a few more needed for general joinery.
There is a stall on Oldham market on wednesdays that sells all kinds of second hand goods, including tools, the gentleman has been kind enough to donate another saw and a brace (hand drill).
Currently I am looking for a decent priced plane that I can buy for the workshop.
I will go in my loft at some point to see if I have any tools stored that can be donated.


I was going to bring some boxes of screws on sunday, a hand brace, maybe a couple of saws.
The weather is not good, probably wont make it, depends on how wet and windy it is.


I don’t think the space is open this Sunday as @LeemingA is away on holiday.