Workshop Hand Tools


We have a budget to buy some hand tools for the workshop. Our current selection is lacking in quality and variety and so I’ve knocked up a list of bits that I think would make a good start. We are looking for a compromise between quality and price. A £4 set of screwdrivers from Home Bargains is not what we are looking for, nor is a gold plated, diamond tipped set from Apple.

I’ve pasted some links that have many, good reviews. Please feel free to comment, post better sources and add tools I have missed!


Allen Key


Metric spanners

Claw Hammer
Lump Hammer

Mole Grips



Fret Saw

Hand Saw

Hack Saw

Hack Saw Junior

File Set

Opening date, tools

Thanks for starting this off. I still need a proper think about things we need, and remember to write them down too (been little chaotic lately, and tools are all distributed/hidden all over the place currently)

Here is a brief commentary on what was included above

Screwdrivers - sure, but what specs are we needing? We have quite a large collection of screwdrivers, a few in small sets (3 philips and 3 slotted, descending sizes). Would be nice to have a simple range (poxi, ph and slotted) though. We have loads of slot in hex heads, but not sure on people’s opinions on them (or if we have many handles for them)

T handle things : We have some, but the one I used is naff (shaft doesn’t seem to be secured inside the rubber handle). Wouldn’t that normal ones be enough, and just use the insert/slot in hex heads? Although, they can be fiddly I suppose (the bits falling out of the holder).

Spanners : Yes we need a full set. Missing sizes in our current set :frowning:

Hammer : We already have 3/4 hammers in the space? is there anything particularly bad about them?

Pliers and grips : I noticed we have a relatively new big collection of these already! they are in a toolbox (no idea if they are member owned ones tho)

Handsaws that are a single piece, yes. Saws with replaceable blades… isn’t it better to just find the replacement blades instead of replacing the whole unit? From memory, we already have a largevhacksaw with metal cutting teeth, quite the collection of small hacksaws too. Not sure about a deep cut/fret one though.

Files : Someone already bought a pack of metal files like this already.

I shared this amazon list a very long time ago ( for this purpose. A little out dated now, but I asked people to let me know if they could add items to it, but don’t think anyone got back to me. Wanted to see if you could collaborate on a single wishlist (it is marked as ‘shared’, )

A decent set of chisels and planes would be a great addition though. Also some more special wood turning chisels for the lathe (saw some laying around the other day, but wasn’t sure if they were the original standard ones that come with it)

A ginder/sharpening station would also be a big plus for keeping tools sharp and extending their life (also safer to use sharp tools than blunt ones)

I should add a lot more on this list, but my brain is a little melted right now


Can I suggest you start a crowdfunding campaign on this here think its important to keep them separate and fresh in our minds.


I think it’s safe to say that the quality and variety of the current screwdrivers are crap. The idea of specifying everything out is that we start from scratch with a known set of reasonable quality tools. The sets I posted cover Pozi, Philips, slot, torx and cap head. Anything else is oddball security and can be covered with a security hex set.

The wood lathe chisels I found in the lathe box. Thought they needed to be near the wood lathe!

Agree on the chisels. Though a good set is around £60. If we already have hacksaws then great! I recommend Eclipse blades for replacements as they are of high quality and good price.


HI, iv still not managed to visit the space yet due to work commitments. But halfords do a half decent set of screwdrivers which also come with a lifetime guarentee. They also have 2 for 20quid offer on them atm. And they retail for 15 quid a set. So seems a good deal.


In hope of finishing the workshop sometime soon, have we had any more ideas for the tool wall?

I am happy to make start on it along with @Jake and hopefully we can get something together


In order to do the tool wall we need to buy the tools, in order to buy the tools we need a couple of organisations to pay their bills.

As soon as the cash comes in I can get the tools ordered.

On think is, how are we going to hang them, do we need clips of some kind too?


I was thinking just basic blocks of wood with holes for screwdrivers and drill bits

For things like spanners either hooks or nails

Shouldn’t need anything too technical


Maybe this will help with some ideas…


ok so first decision that needs to be made, paint or no paint?


talking to one of the new members, he mentioned the use of shadow board. we paint on the shape of a tool so if anything is missing or out of place we’ll know


exactly what I was thinking - going to make a start on it during monday day for things like the files, screwdrivers, saw etc that we already have


I wouldnt worry about the stuff we already have, unless they are complete sets. You could make a start on sorting that out?


thats the plan - the more we can get on the wall the less is lay around


and less getting lost too


I’ve already made various french cleats for this. I even have sample tool holders already completed if anyone is interested


Just a few observations after starting the tool wall today

We have three already? Do we need any more the ones we have seem useable

Also we have several coping saw frames which are in need of blades, as you may know that is not unusual being coping saws but they are very useful and could be used.

We have a small and a larger handsaw, I am not sure on the condition of the teeth on them but they seem to cut fine, it may be worth someone who knows what they are looking for to take a look.

The hacksaw we have appears to just need a new blade which may be cheaper than buying a whole new saw. We also have several junior hacksaws however we may need more if we plan to use them for a workshop. Again some need new blades.

We have a full set of 5 metal files and these seem usable if not almost brand new

We appear to be short on larger clamps and pliers mainly, also needed are screwdriver of larger sizes, we have two sets of precision ones already on the wall. Likewise spanners are needed to be replaced.

Any questions please ask


The list of tools is what we should have, not what we should buy.
If we buy blades form junior and standard hacksaw then they should be Eclipse blades. Anything else is just
money down the drain.

The files are low quality but they will work for a while before they blunt. When we replace them we should just spend a few pounds more.


The finer pitch blades are for cutting metal. I’ve been using the larger saw for cutting the threaded rod to size for bolting down equipment.

They were brand new yes, minus when they were misused a while back.[quote=“keiran131000, post:17, topic:898”]
We appear to be short on larger clamps

You can never have too many clamps :slight_smile:


Tools ordered