Workshop - June 17

  • Rewire electronics benches
  • Kit out electrical benches = TG
  • Build workbenches - AL
  • Set up ip camera & screen
  • Sort out the shelving
  • Workbenches (around wall)
  • Attach support struts to wall using L brackets and wall plugs. Remember to predrill and countersink to avoid splitting the wood.
    • Make sure they are all evenly spaced (every 2nd one needs to support 2 bench tops, make sure it overlaps 1/2 and 1/2). Markings already exist for where they are going. Do not mix up the struts, they have specially been cut for their positions (different heights)
    • (optional) Plane the top of struts flat
    • Attach scrap bits of wood to wall for the farside of the bench tops to rest on (prevent sag)
    • Attach front support piece at the top/front to also prevent sag
    • Attach kickplate/skirting to bottom to prevent accidental kicks/skewing of the bench.
    • attach bench tops to frame. Plane off any struts that are not level/ making it wobble.
  • Build bandsaw mobile station
    • remember to put lock wheels on, else it might move when using :wink:
  • Build x2 work benches (stand alone units).
    • Attach vice from old work bench
  • Move tool wall OSB from 1.0 and install in 2.0. There should be 3 sections currently.
  • cut the remaining wall sections and attach
  • Install french cleet system to tool wall for easy organisation (‘not a ladder’ already exists)
    • Jig at 1.0 to help doing pre-drilling of cleets
  • Clear junk from floor
  • Mitre saw station, with high blocks for support for cutting
  • Curtain/plastic wrap to help prevent excessive dust floating into the electronics area
  • set up vinyl cutter PC - KW



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