Your Oldham 2018


Anyone available for this?

Hello Andy

On Thursday 26 July 2018 we will be holding the next Your Oldham Co-operative Market Street in Oldham Town Centre. The aim is once again to showcase the fantastic work happening across Oldham, and we would love for you to get involved.

Your Oldham is about encouraging and motivating residents, business and employees to engage with #ourbit #yourbit #result, and is based on the recognition that Oldham means different things to different people. It also reflects that Oldham is not owned by the Council or its partners, but by Oldham’s own people.

We are inviting you to showcase what you do, giving residents the opportunity to learn more about the variety of projects and initiatives that are being delivered across the borough – and most importantly, inspire them to get involved.

We anticipate that stall space will once again go quickly, so please submit your Expression of Interest by 3pm, Monday 28 May to reserve your place.

The event will be held in Oldham Town Centre on Thursday 26 July, with marquees on Albion Street, Curzon Street, High Street and Parliament Square. It will run from 10.00am until 3pm.


why do they never do these events during weekends when people are available/off work? :confused:


Quite happy to run the stand/ help


We’re available to help.


Ok that makes 3 of us so at the very least we can run a stand


OK so who wants to take the lead on this? Please email to get it booked


I’ll take this one on too. I’ll email Fiona.


Ok, email sent. @p0welly, remind me to ask you about my bubble machine. I remember you used to have one set up to work if someone tweeted you. :slight_smile:


I have been in touch with Fiona at the council. This is what she says:

Just to give you an idea of what’s happening:

_I don’t know if you attended last year, but the event has grown significantly with the amount of interest we’ve had and will spread over the town centre. It is no longer called ‘Co-operative Market Street’ and has been renamed ‘Your Oldham Festival’. _

_I have allocated Hack a full marquee on Parliament Square, which is where all things aimed toward young people, children, and inspiring learning and exploration are going to be based. Bob of course would be a big hit on the day if we could get him over to the square. _

_In terms of space, it’s entirely flexible depending on what you wish to showcase. Is there anything you have in mind? _

During the Digital Day during the Your Oldham Festival last year, Hack provided some activities such as lollipop bridge building and doodlebots. Is this what you were thinking?

So far we have Keiran, Robert and myself down for this. We’re going to need more help. Any volunteers please? And suggestions as to activities we can run.


The lollipop bridge is an old classic and completely dooable (we have all the kit) we can take bob if it’s just parliament square (weather permitting)

We need about 2 or 3 more people if possible


I’ll help but will not able to be there at start.

Not sure what sort of things you are planning to do. I have a Raspberry Pi setup which picks up the digital transmissions from aircraft to give the position , height and direction. Would that be of any use.