Your Oldham Market - 28 June 2017


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map of oldham market.pdf (127.1 KB)
Co-Operative Street Market Information sheet.docx (36.4 KB)
Market layout of stalls.pdf (366.0 KB)

What we plan to do

  • Take bob
  • Have bob driving
  • Have Bob’s eye projected on the side of marquee
  • Take ball game
    • Have contest for high score
    • needs the whiteboard

What we need to take

  • Laser Cut examples

  • 3D Printed examples

  • Ball game

  • Whiteboard + pens

  • Banners

  • Projector

  • Go bag



Do we need to take tables for this?

Shall we take some small things like the:

  • Laser cut/ 3D Printed examples
  • Black hole generator?
  • Bits of crafty stuff


Tables will be there…



What shall we use to run the projector?

I was thinking a pi if we have a hdmi to vga converter


In fact a beetle would work? It has vga already


Just tried a beetle - it’s too slow

I will just run it off my laptop on the day